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I am a beginner young artist doing art as a hobby and for fun. I like cars a lot since I draw them a lot.

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i n f o r m a t i o n a n d s h i

Hellooooo! My name is Ethan. I do art, usually digital art but sometimes a few sketches on my sketchbook time to time. I may even post some unfinished lineart. Anyways, enough about the posts and the boring stuff.

  • So I also like cars. I define myself as a "car enthusiast". Other fellow students at my school call me "Car boi" or "The Original Car Boi" since there's apparently another person who likes cars just like me but just muscle cars. My passion for cars started to mix in with my passion for binge-watching animes at 3 in the morning. I started to get into anime since not only did I needed more knowledge on how to draw people, but for the fun of watching comfortably in my bed
  • As you can tell on my Instagram profile I am a literal dumbass and a dork I think
  • I really express my feelings with my friends especially close friends. You will know when I'm happy, mad, sad, actually really tired and lastly when my neck hurts.
  • I really love fried chicken
  • My forehead is covered in pimples which is the reason why I have bangs covering my forehead i guess
  • I love spelling things incorrectly
  • I am absolutely not funny. If you think I'm funny, thank you, but I don't know what you're talking about
  • I have a phone that is very oily thanks to my oily sweaty palms and fingers
  • Voice calls with people I don't know are a no no to my social anxiety
  • I don't have Tik Tok so don't worry I'm not like those other children around my age
  • I swear a lot
  • I love osu! and I hate osu! at the same time
  • I hate lists like these
  • I don't like nipples
  • I wanna sleep all the time but I don't

So great introduction done by me yup

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